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AIRBOURNE - No Guts, No Glory

These Australian rock ’n roll youngsters shook the metal/rock world with thier masterpiece “Running Wild” from 2008. Probably one of the best debut albums that came out for a long time and after non-stop touring all over the world, the wait is over. Finally we have the long awaited second album “No Guts, No Glory” of these pub-rockers in our hands. O.K. to give you the news straight away, this album is not as good as the debut. Airbourne put themselves in a difficult situation, by raising the bar so high! This is still a good album though, but the raw energy and passion of “Running Wild” disappeared a little. A lot of people say that Airbourne is just a younger copy of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo and they are totally right. Those bands will retire any day now and Airbourne is here to claim the rock ‘n roll throne! Pure three chords riff rock to the max !