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INSANE - Wait And Pray

In April 2003 the band recorded a raw and brutal three-track demo entitled 'Fucking Demo'. The track 'Death By Command' was included on the 'Metal Crusade Vol. VIII' compilation of the German "Heavy Oder Was!?" magazine. After hearing the demo, Battle Cry Records decided to sign the band immediately. In July 2004, Insane flew to Vancouver (Canada) to record their first full-length album: 'Wait And Pray'. This particular brand of music owes a great deal to these forefathers of thrash metal, but on this particular album there's an omission in twin guitar assault and catchy hooks. Therefore 'Wait And Pray' is good but not thát good. Every fan of eighties thrash metal and especially those who adore Slayer's 'Show No Mercy' or Sacrifice's 'Torment In Fire' will definitely love this album. Just check the song titles ('Metal Torment', 'Evil Is At Hand' or 'Death By Command') and cover artwork to get an impression of what I'm talking about.

Track Listing

•Total Alarm
•Four Magicians
•Die In Hell / Metal Torment
•Evil Is At Hand
•Death By Command
•The Exorcist
•Wait And Pray