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AOR - L.A. Ambition

Limited Edition digi-pack of 1500 copies only Re-mastered by Martin Kronlund with 5 un-released bonus tracks!!!

Disc 1 : (The Hard Disc)
1-You’re My Obsession: Steve Overland, 2-Leave Her To Heaven: Göran Edman 3-Waiting In The Darkness: Steve Overland 4- Sensation: Göran Edman 5-Dream Them Away: David Chamberlin 6- Don’t Ever Say Goodbye: Rick Riso 7-So Young And Innocent: David Chamberlin 8-Like An Open Book: Philip Bardowell 9-Desperate Dreams: Fergie Frederiksen 10- If No One Cared: David Chamberlin 11-The House Of Love: J. Lynn Johnston *12- Marina: Michael Kisur bonus track 13- One More Chance: J. Lynn Johnston 14- Never Surrender: Philip Bardowell

Disc 2 : (The Soft Disc)
1-Never Gonna Let Her Go: Rick Riso 2- Worlds Away: Michael Ruff 3-The Way Of The Night: Doug St John 4-Teach Me How To Love You Again: Bill Champlin 5- On Dangerous Ground: David Roberts 6-Far Away from The Storm: David Chamberlin 7-In My Crystal Ball: Dane Donohue 8-Lost In Your Eyes: Bill Champlin *9-Back To Your Heart: Michael Thomas bonus track *10- On A Distant Path: Doug St John bonus track *11- Searching For Heroes: Michael Thomas bonus track 12- *The Way you Love Me: David Chamberlin bonus track 13- Give A Little Love: Dane Donohue 14- Last Days In San Francisco: Michael Kisur