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BLOODBOUND - Unholy Cross

The band comments: "The album cover made by Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc) is very symbolic for the band as it symbolizes the resurrection of bloodbound. It shows our monster mascot "Nossen" rising from the dead. We as a band feel we're resurrected as well, as we now have a stable line up and we all like working together as a band unit. Unholy Cross was a fun album to write and record and musically we wanted to go back and create the magic from the Nosferatu album but with an updated 2011 production."
Track Listing: 1. Moria 2. Drop The Bomb 3. The Ones We Left Behind 4. Reflections Of Evil 5. In For The Kill 6. Together We Fight 7. The Dark Side Of Life 8. Brothers Of War 9. Message From Hell 10. In The Dead Of Night 11. Unholy Cross.