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RAGDOLLS - Dead Girls Don't Say No


In 2007 a band called Ragdolls was re-burn from beginings as a cover band to a horror-punk band when Vikki Violence had enough of all the boring hardcore/emo/metal music that was going on in his small hometown of Varberg. He wanted to create something new, mix old stuff with new stuff, and shock people with twisted lyrics and weird stage behavior. The band's original members from this time were: Vikki Violence on guitar and vocals, Dr. Kratz on bass and Drae Toxx on drums. The band did more gigs all around Sweden, wrote a couple of songs and recorded a demo named 'Ragdolls'. One song they wrote for a band contest was "All Emo Kids Must Die" and it became one of the most loved and hated song in their hometown. It's an ironic song and not something you should take too seriously. Later, at the end of the year, the band split up because of personal problems and lack of time. Vikki wanted to keep on writing music but none of the original members wanted to re-unite the band.

Vikki kept on writting music and one day in the end of the year he met Chx at a party at a friend's house. They talked about Ragdolls and Chx really wanted to be a part of it, he wanted to do the same thing as Vikki was doing. They discussed it all over and in the summer of 2009 they recorded a seven track EP called 'Drink, Dig, Die' and made a digital release. Later on in the fall, an old childhood friend Damaged L just left his band and was looking for something new to do. He called Vikki up and asked if he could be a part of the band since he loved the EP they recently released. In the winter of 2009 they found their drummer, a short 23 years old guy who could beat the hell out of those drums, we're talking about Broken Bridget. So Vikki asked him if he would like to try it out and after that all the pieces fell in the right place -- Ragdolls now had a full line-up again. This was something new, nothing like the old stuff.

Pre-production of the upgoming album was recorded and gigs all over Sweden were made with stage shows like you've never seen before. So if you ever see a band wearing dresses and pantyhose with plateau boots, soaking themselves in water and other kinds of liquid, with toys, chainsaws and tombstones on stage, screaming and acting really weird, and rocking the hell out of their songs, it's just Ragdolls!