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4TH DIMENSION - The White Path To Rebirth

Debut album for this Italian act. Produced by Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine), 4TH DIMENSION’s music leads the listener through a whirlwind of emotions. While following the road paved by bands like Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica, 4TH DIMENSION blend different styles together, forging a sound which is both classic and fresh at the same time.
Featuring amazing keyboard harmonies, expressive vocals & guesting impressive Rhapsody of Fire’s singer Fabio Lione on one song, the album “THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH” will surprise you with its conceptual and emotional depth and its catchy melodies. The band has been announced to support SONATA ARCTICA on the first part of the upcoming European Tour 2011.

1. The Sun in My Life
2. Consigned to the Wind
3. Goldeneyes
4. Sworn to the Flame
5. Everlasting
6. A New Dimension
7. Winter's Gone
8. Labyrinth of Glass
9. Angel's Call
10. Landscapes (Vestige of the Earth)