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SOULSPELL - A Legacy of Honor - Remastered + 1

Digitally remastered edition of this 2008 release. Soulspell is a heavy metal project created by Heleno Vale. Much like Ayreon and Avantasia, Soulspell features guest musicians from other bands to portray characters in a metal opera.

1 The Gathering
2 Age of Silence
3 Troy
4 Alexandria
5 Milvian Bridge
6 The Blacksmith
7 The Impaler
8 A Little Too Far
9 Army of Just One Mind
10 Soulspell
11 Weight of Evil
12 Eternal Skies
13 The Last Life
14 Soulspell (Linhares''''s Farewell) (Bonus Track)

Produced by Tito Falaschi [Shaman, Almah]. Artwork by J.P. Fournier [Avantasia, Edguy, Dragonforce]. Feat. Renato Tribuzy [Tribuzy], Iuri Sanson [Hibria], Leandro Caçoilo [ex. Eterna] among others on vocals.