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ILLUMINATA - A World So Cold (Ex Visions Of Atlantis )


With their debut-album 'A World So Cold' the six members of Illuminata have set out from Graz in Austria to prove forcefully that metal and film score can indeed be mentioned in the same breath. Heavy guitars mingle with energetic orchestra, while the horns, in the style of epic blockbusters, sound the attack on the red carpet to claim the album a place of honour. The concept is rounded off by two extraordinary female voices that will have you in excitement troughout all eleven tracks. Worthy of an Academy Award!

1. Ashes Of Times
2. Cold Hands Warm Hearts
3. End My Agony
4. Silent Poet
5. The Divine Puppet
6. The World Collector
7. Dead Warden Dreamer
8. A Frame Of Beauty
9. Endless
10. Lost In Picturesque
11. Metamorphobia II