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ROYAL HUNT - Future Coming From the Past

DVD1 - 1996
- Concert: Flight; 1348; Wasted Time; Stay Down; On the Run; Stranded; Keyboard Solo; Martial Arts; Far Away; Last Goodbye; Land of Broken Hearts; Makin' a Mess; Clown in the Mirror; Guitar Solo; Step by Step; Drums & Bass Solo; Running Wild; Epilogue; Age Gone Wild; Ten to Life; Legion of the Damned; Kingdom Dark; Time.
Total length 150 mins.

DVD2 - Closing the Chapter (Paradox):
- Concert: The Awakening; River of Pain; Tearing Down the World; Message to God; Long Way Home; Time Will Tell; Silent Scream; It's Over.
- Documentary.
Total length 100 mins.
Royal Hunt are one of Denmark's most accomplished Hard Rock bands. They have sold of over 1 million albums worldwide. Their sound is a mix of the instrumental prowess of Dream Theater with a touch of neoclassical and a more mainstream rock feel and vocal style.

To celebrate the return of singer DC Cooper to the line-up, and as a companion to the new studio album, Royal Hunt is releasing two very rare items (originally available only in Japan) on a double DVD.

DVD1 (1996) was recorded live in Japan just after the release of the band's "Moving Target” album. "1996" is an excellent summary of Royal Hunt's career up to that point. The band offers a great mix of songs from their first three studio albums. The band was in top form for this show, with DC leading the way.

DVD2 "Paradox - Closing the Chapter" was recorded in 1998 and marked the end of the original DC Cooper era for Royal Hunt. It is essentially a complete live performance of the band's amazing studio album "Paradox", their most successful album to date. It is a very solid performance and DC delivers the goods, while the band's playing is superb. To complete the package is a 50 minute documentary which shares stories of life in a rock band.


André Andersen – keyboards
D.C.Cooper – vocals
Steen Mogensen – bass
Jacob Kjaer – guitar
Allan Sorensen – drums