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Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Lost In The New Real ( Limited 2-Cd Set )

Musical diversity is one of the hallmarks of Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon project, and 'Lost in the New Real' is no exception to that tradition. The solo album features an array of contrasting styles including prog, rock, folk, metal, industrial and even pop, arguably making this Arjen's most eclectic album to date. "This is a truly fearless album. It's so eclectic you're really going to need an open mind to get into it." Arjen embraced the opportunity to follow his muses without having to make any musical compromises. "Established projects like Ayreon or Star One carry with them certain expectations - deviate too much from these and you risk disappointing people. But not this time - this is an unashamedly ego-maniac album where I follow my heart, returning to my inspirational roots of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Of course I hope that people will like the results, but this album wasn't made with that intention at all."

CD 1
1. The New Real
2. Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin
3. Parental Procreation Permit
4. When I'm A Hundred Sixty-Four
5. E-Police
6. Don't Switch Me Off
7. Or Slumber's Eternity Home
8. Yellowstone Memorial Day
9. Where Pigs Fly
10. Lost In The New Real

CD 2

1. Our Imperfect Race
2. Welcome To The Machine
3. So Is There No God?
4. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
5. The Social Recluse
6. Battle Of Evermore
7. The Space Hotel
8. Some Other Time
9. You Have Entered The Reality Zone
10. I'm The Slime