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BLOODBOUND - In The Name Of Metal + 1

BLOODBOUND celebrate finest Power Metal on their latest album "In The Name Of Metal". The six guys from Sweden deliver 12 songs that – without a doubt – deserve to be called “hymns”. Take for example the powerful opener and title track, the driving songs "Bonebreaker" & "King Of Fallen Grace" or more traditionally held pieces a la "Metalheads Unite" and "Bounded By Blood" - the fifth album of these Swedes has everything you need for singing along and headbanging. Definitely one of the highlights anno 2012!



01. In The Name Of Metal
02. When Demons Collide
03. Bonebreaker
04. Metalheads Unite
05. Son Of Babylon
06. Mr. Darkness
07. I’m Evil
08. Monstermind
09. King Of Fallen Grace
10. Black Devil
11. Bounded By Blood

Book Of The Dead 2012 (Bonus Track)