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HAMMERFALL - Gates of Dalhalla (BluRay NTSC / 2CD digibook)

This massive BluRay release (import, PAL system) finds Hammerfall running through a massive 135-minute, career-spanning 15-year anniversary show. Songs from every album are represented and there are very special guests too, including ex-Hammerfall guitarist Stefan Elmgren, Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne, original member and ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad, and more! Amazing stuff!!!

BluRay ( PAL Bluray )

1. Patient Zero
2. Heeding the Call
3. Any Means Necessary
4. B.Y.H.
5. Riders of the Storm
6. Let's Get it On
7. Crimson Thunder
8. Renegade
9. Blood Bound
10. Last Man Standing
11. Fury of the Wild
12. drum solo
13. Always Will Be
14. Dia De Los Muertos
15. Steel Meets Steel
16. Threshold
17. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
18. Let the Hammer Fall
19. Nar Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn
20. Something for the Ages
21. The Templar Flame
22. Oh Fortuna
23. Glory to the Brave
24. One More Time
25. Hammerfall
26. Hearts on Fire
CD 1 & 2
1. DVD track list spread out over two audio CDs