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ALPHA TIGER - Beneath The Surface ( Limited Digi W/ Bonus )


Hailed by the international metal scene for their 2011 debut "Man Or Machine" (Sonic Attack Records) and for their celebrated appearances at various European festivals, ALPHA TIGER has quickly become one of Germany's hottest heavy metal newcomers. Due to epic compositions, catchy hooks and Stephan Dietrich's powerful vocals, the band succeeded in living up to the positive feedback and is now ready to unleash their new album, "Beneath The Surface" today!

Peter Langforth (guitars) comments: "Hey Metal Maniacs, today is the day of our first Century Media release! We are very excited, because we've been waiting for so long for this day! We hope you like our stuff. We've celebrated the release of "Beneath The Surface" with our first of four release shows in Dresden on Saturday. Don't miss the chance and party with us!"

All lyrical topics on Beneath The Surface are represented in the stunning cover artwork, which was created by Hungarian designer Peter Tikos (who also worked with the band on the "Man Or Machine" cover). "Beneath The Surface" was recorded this past summer at Berlin's Musicflash studio, engineered by Mirco Godi Hildmann, and mixed and mastered by Andreas Hilbert.

ALPHA TIGER - "Beneath The Surface" track-listing:
1. Intro (1:48)
2. The Alliance (6:11)
3. From Outer Space (4:35)
4. Waiting For A Sign (6:33)
5. Beneath The Surface (5:38)
6. Along The Rising Sun (4:03)
7. Eden Lies in Ruins (7:42)
8. Rain (6:54)
9. Crescent Moon (7:20)
10. We Came From The Gutter (5:54)

Bonus tracks Limited Edition Digipak

11. S.D.I. (Loudness cover version) (4:10)
12. Flight Of The Warrior (Riot cover version) (4:07)