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REO SPEEDWAGON - Nine Lives ( Remastered )

After the release of their Live album 'You Get What You Play For' in 1977, and their more recent studio album 'You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish', the REO boys upped the ante big time for this classic of AOR 'Nine Lives'. Cronin and Richrath produced the album with some help from Kevin Beamish, and the result is splendid arena rock of the finest sort. The rhythm guitar work of both Gary and Kevin is reminiscent of BOC's Buck Dharma plus the duo of Scholz and Goudreau from Boston. There is melodic power, attitude, good catchy songs, and no wimp-out material in sight. Sure. 'Hi Infidelity' made them megastars, but for purists, 'Nine Lives' is where REO were truly at. Digitally remastered.