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Heavy Metal gets a needed shot in the arm with the long awaited and much anticipated new album from Benedictum Obey due out for release on Frontiers Records on November 29 in Europe and December 3 in North America . With a sound that nods to the legends of metal such as early Rainbow, the stylings of Savatage, Warrior, Rough Cutt, and Pyschotic Waltz along with shades of Black Sabbath; Benedictum unleashes Obey that will surely bring pleasure to the Gods of Heavy Metal and their legions of fans around the world!
Led by the sultry and powerful vocal gymnastics of lead singer Veronica Freeman whose voice has been praised on the television show That Metal Show on VH1 among others; Benedictum displays a plethora of aggressive riffs, fierce rhythms, and powerful melodies full of delicate textures that grow spikes with shredding leads to converge at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.