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MYSTIC PROPHECY - Killhammer ( Cd/Dvd )

After their last open air show in 2012, MYSTIC PROPHECY made their way into the rehearsal room to start working on 'KillHammer'. Once again they take no prisoners and hold their course. Mighty hymns like 'KillHammer' and 'To Hell And Back' are headbanging essentials - and neither of these two songs has to hide behind the band hymn 'Ravenlord'. But MYSTIC PROPHECY are also known for delivering fast and aggressive tracks - these can also be found on the new album, with tracks like 'Armies of Hell' and 'Set The World On Fire'. The musical range of MYSTIC PROPHECY goes from Accept or Judas Priest to thrash metal legends like Exodus or Annihilator. Includes a cover of Ozzy's classic 'Crazy Train'!

1. Killhammer
2. Armies Of Hell
3. To Hell And Back
4. Kill The Beast
5. Hate Black
6. Children Of The Damned
7. 300 In Blood
8. Angels Of Fire
9. Warriors Of The Northern Seas
10. Set The World On Fire
11. Crazy Train

Dvd ( ntsc )

Live at Atlanta 2012