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Ashes of Chaos was born as a metal cover band in late 2008. Influenced by the common love for progressive metal, the band's members start writing original songs. As long as they grow up both as musicians and band, they completed their debut album, the concept "Eye". They are inspired by some great names of the progressive metal scene such as Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Tool, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Mastodon, Goblin. They are also influenced by the individual and personal music preferences (funk, jazz, classical music and much more) that can be found in their songs.

01. Ashes Of Chaos
02. Falling
03. Doom
04. Mechanical Rage
05. Atmosfear pt.1 - Abyss Of Consciousness
06. Parallels
07. Novilunio
08. Atmosfear pt.2 Circle Of Madness
09. Awake
10. Rinascita

Alexios Ciancio Vocals
Mike Crinella Guitars
Stefano Galassi Bass
Francesco Gabrielli Drums
Giorgio Gori Studio keyboards