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ROCK GODDESS - Anthology

The band was formed in Wandsworth, South London, by sisters Jody Turner (guitar) and Julie Turner (drums) when they were thirteen and nine years old respectively. They recruited school friend Tracey Lamb on bass. They rehearsed intensively and, through a friend, managed to place a track on a sampler album. The Turner's father, John, ran a music shop and used his connections to get the band gigs and finally, in 1982, a record contract with A&M.They released their eponymous debut in 1983 as a trio. There were legal problems because Julie was still attending school and was restricted in the number of live gigs she could play. Lamb became disgruntled at what she perceived to be the domination of the Turners, quitting to initially form SHE, but ending up joining Girlschool in 1987. She was replaced by Dee O'Malley and the follow-up album, Hell Hath No Fury was released in 1984. The band co-headlined with Y&T and Iron Maiden on UK tours and with Saxon in France. O'Malley announced her pregnancy and left the band in 1986. She was replaced by Julia Longman on bass and Becky Axten joined on keyboards.

After their A&M contract expired, a third album, Young And Free was released in 1987 in France only, but their career was cut short by financial and contractual problems which forced them to disband shortly thereafter. In 1988, the Turner sisters reappeared as The Jody Turner Band, and Jody fronted a new line-up of Rock Goddess in 1994 to promote the rerelease of the third album on the Thunderbolt label. After a name change, the group disappeared in 1995. The name change was to brain dance and they played their last gig ever at the thomas 'o' Becket.

Hell Hath No Fury
I Didnít Know I Loved You (Till I Saw Your Rock & Roll)
Hold Me Down
God Be With You
My Angel
In The Heat Of The Night
Heavy Metal Rock ĎNí Roll
Young And Free
One Way Love
To Be Betrayed
Satisfied Then Crucified
Gotta Let Your Hair Down
Love Is A Bitch
Boys Will Be Boys
The Love Lingers Still
In The Night
Iíve Seen It All Before
Hey Lover
No More
Sexy Eyes