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AMERICAN DOG and FIN - Dogatized (w/ Fin of Waysted on vocals)

Like so many Rock-n-Roll tales, we are also tied to the original Rock-n-Roll animal Pete Way. By the time Pete moved to Columbus Ohio the Dog boys had been tearing it up the Midwest for a while. But there was no way fate could keep these Rock-n-Roll Fugitives from ending up together. The Dog ended up being a trusted group of friends and musical companions to Pete during his time here; and when he calls again they’ll be ready.

This brings us to this new record “DOGATIZED” that you are now getting a chance to hear. When these recordings started years ago Pete had done a couple of solo recordings here in Ohio and UFO was back to recording again. So knowing his time at home would be limited and wanting to start something else, we figured an album of cool cover songs with Pete singing, would be a blast. That’s when American Dog went to work and cut the music for four of the songs that appear on this album and we were making Rock-n-Roll! However, with fate being the fickle creature that it is; the untimely passing of Pete’s beloved wife Jo, and immigration issues, this project was left like a dog on the porch waiting for its’ masters return.

Once again fate stepped in, in the form of Mr. Fin Muir (Pete’s brother from another mother) and this album happened the only way it could. Fin arrived in Columbus Ohio to work on a recording of a Tommy Bolin song for a charity project benefiting addiction. While he was here, he just happened (accidently on purpose) to be given a CD of this material. A meeting was set, a marriage arranged and Mr. Kangaroo Pooh himself was back in Ohio putting vocals on these outstanding arrangements that was put together by Michael and the boys.