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220 VOLT - Walking In Starlight

Apart from EUROPE and TREAT the guys from 220 VOLT were one of the strongest Melodic Rock bands coming from Sweden in the late 1980s. Their 1988 album “Eye To Eye” was produced by Max Norman and included many first-class songs which still enjoy an excellent reputation. Unfortunately the band got in trouble and so happened that you had to wait until today to finally get a worthy successor. With the excellent new singer Anders Engberg (ex-LIONS SHARE/ex-THERION) and 13 new songs in the bag the band tries successfully to polish the somewhat battered reputation. Musically the new record continues where the band left off back then and moves skillfully between Hard Rock and Melodic Rock. The songs are very guitar-driven, but at the same time they feature many strong melodies. The best results are "Walking in Starlight", "System Overload" (enormously powerful), "Alive", "Through The Wastelands" and the closing ballad "Guiding Light". Even though the album doesn’t include any really weak song, it perhaps counts one or two tracks too many. Anyhow, "Walking In Starlight" is a very good album that simply deserves to be heard! MARCO SPÄTH