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ANGELS OR KINGS - Kings Of Nowhere

Even though ANGELS OR KINGS shared the stage with renown acts like DANGER DANGER and DARE they couldn’t get a record deal in the 1980’s. Still, they touched enough fans back then who encouraged them to give it another try now. If you think now that the guys just recycled their old material for their comeback, then you are wrong. All songs on “Kings Of Nowhere” are brand new, yet they very much continue the band’s classic sound and style from back then. So expect a set of keyboard and guitar driven AOR/Melodic Rock songs not very different from FM, STRANGEWAYS, AIRRACE and VIRGINIA WOLF, while the rough vocals by Baz Jackson sound similar to Larry Baud of RED DAWN and NETWORK fame. No matter if you listen to rockers a la “Any Other Girl”, “Ice Turned To Rain”, “Someone To Save Me”, “Left Me In Love” or balladesque tracks like “Same Star” and “A Night Like This”, all songs have bite and really deliver. No doubt, ANGELS OR KINGS’ “Kings Of Nowhere” is an outstanding album and the guys have absolutely deserved to play at this year’s Firefest festival!