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ELEMENTS OF FRICTIONS - Fragile ( Heavens Edge, Danger Danger, 21 Guns & Many More!)

'Elements Of Frictons' track listing:

01. When You Grow Up (Marcello/Vestry)

02. Little One (Area 51 - featuring Matti Alfonzetti, Sven Cirnski, Micke Hoglund, Jamie Borger and Pasi Oxman)

03. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Emma Varg)

04. Don't Leave Me Lonely (Matti Alfonzetti)

05. Make You Mine (Larry Baud)

06. Don't Walk Away (Oliver Fehr)

07. Without Your Love (Snakes In Paradise)

08. Only My Heart (Mats Leven)

09. To The Limit (Pete Loran with Steve Brown)

10. Another Me (Paul Laine-Danger Danger)

11. Somebody Up There (Tommy La Verdi- 21 Guns /LRS)

12. All About You (Stephan Kammerer -Frontline)

13. Let Me Down Easy (Rich Cox)

14. Pieces Of The Action (Mark Evans with Reggie Wu -Heavens Edge)