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VOICES OF DESTINY - Crisis Cult( Limited Digi +1)

In 2007 VOICES OF DESTINY finally record their first EP followed by the second EP 'Dare To Reach' in 2008. In the same year, VOICES OF DESTINY was the jury s selected winner of the 'Youngsterball Contest'. In summer 2009 the band signed a world-wide record deal with Massacre Records and started planning their debut 'From The Ashes', which was released in February 2010 with the professional support of Andy Horn (recording, mix and mastering) and Alex Kuehr (photography). In January 2012 the second album 'Power Dive' was released and got them support gigs for Epica on their tour through Eastern Europe alongside with Xandria. Now. with their third album 'Crisis Cult', the band does not only evolve but also shows the courage to experiment and reinvent itself.