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AIR RAID - Point Of Impact

From Gothernburg Sweden comes a band that bring the NWOBHM into the next phase of Metal by going back to where it all started. You literally feel transported back to Great Britain 1980 when you hear these guys. I can’t put my finger on one band or another but they’re in vein of Maiden and Priest, but more melodic like perhaps at Tokyo Blade. What I appreciate is that they’re not pretenders or trying to sound like the NWOBHM just for the sake of it. Even the imagery and logo are right out of the early 80’s era, but even with the cliche’ and overused titles like “Wildfire”, they maintain a level of coolness about them that makes even the most standard Metal terms sound refreshing. Traditional metal fans will dig this a lot !

Tracklist: 01.Come Dream With Me 02.Bound To Destroy 03.Madness 04.Victim Of The Night 05.Wildfire 06.Flying Fortress 07.Vengeance 08.The Fire Within 09.We Got The Force