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REED, DAN - Transmission

"Transmission", the third solo-effort of DAN REED NETWORK frontman Dan Reed, consists of twelve singer/songwriter gems. Lyric-wise, the songs deal with the search for a sense in life in the midst all the chaos of our world to cut it short. One of the most charismatic voices within the rock world pulls out all the stops of magnificent songwriting and the biggest possible bandwidth of style - once again. Eleven touching DAN REED-songs plus an interesting cover-version of "You're All I Need" by promising Scottish band THE RISING SOULS take you on a journey through the fascinating universe of DAN REED, musically and lyric-wise. "What Dreams May Come" pays homage to the great Robin Williams who left this world recently under tragic circumstances. More than on his last albums guitars, all played by Mister Reed himself, are focussed on pretty well. Fans of sophisticated, but easily accessible music in the vein of MIKE TRAMP or TOM PETTY are definitely going to value "Transmission".