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U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night (2-Cd/Dvd)

In February 2014, U.D.O. played a very special sold out show, accompanied by a German Navy Orchestra (Marinemusikkorps Nordsee). The symphonic sound of the orchestra and the choir merged with the songs of U.D.O. and made the evening a unique unforgettable experience for the audience.

This bombastic live event will now be made available for all fans of U.D.O. on DVD or Blu-Ray plus 2 CDs.

'I was simply overwhelmed by the whole event, it s like a dream came true', Udo Dirkschneider states. 'It s really more than words can say. This DVD will be something special to me, definitely a highlight of my career.'

Disc: 1

1. Intro (Das Boot)
2. Das Boot
3. Future Land
4. Independence Day
5. Animal Instinct
6. The Hall Of The Mountain King
7. Heart Of Gold
8. Man And Machine
9. Dancing With An Angel (feat. Doro Pesch)
10. Faceless World

Disc: 2
1. Ride
2. Days Of Hope And Glory
3. Cut Me Out
4. Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)

Disc: 3
1. Das Boot
2. Future Land
3. Independence Day
4. Animal Instinct
5. The Hall Of The Mountain King
6. Heart Of Gold
7. Man And Machine
8. Dancing With an Angel (feat. Doro Pesch)
9. Faceless World
10. Ride
11. Days Of Hope And Glory
12. Cut Me Out
13. Trainride in Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
14. Stillness Of Time
15. King Of Mean
16. Book Of Faith
17. Animal House