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VOODOO CIRCLE - More Than One Way Home Fanbox

Classic / Hard Rock PRODUCT PACKAGING: fullcolor 6-sided digipak fullcolor 16-sided booklet full color print CD digipak SPECIAL: ltd. .

Fanbox incl .: ltd digipak, Certificate of Authenticity, exclusive brazen compass (noble, matt surface, 360 separation, liquid-damped storage) in a premium wooden box (Measurements: 86 x 86 x 26 mm, Weight: 190g)


01.Graveyard City
02.Tears In The Rain
03.Heart Of Babylon
04.Cry For Love 05.Alissa
06.The Ghost In Your Heart
07.Bane Of My Existence
08.More Than One Way Home
09.The Killer In You
10.The Saint And The Sinner
11.Victim Of Love
12.Open Your Eyes Bonus Digipak:
13.Shape Of Things To Come
14.Castles Burn + Cry For Love (Video Clip)