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ABO - Bucket List

Through the last 10 years, Anders Bo has been one of the most used session-guitarists by the most selling rock- and pop-artists in Denmark. He has travelled the world as musical 'hired-gun' for artists like Marco Mendoza (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Thin Lizzy), and now the time is right for ABO to release his first solo-album. 'Bucket List' is a very personal album and represents all that Anders stands for musically. All songs have been written with no intention to please or follow trends, norms or fashions on the music scene.

1. Go Down (feat. Rebecca Lou)
2. Shadow (feat. Soren Andersen)
3. Promise (feat. Jenny Sjowal)
4. Stage Right
5. Cherrytrees (feat. Celina Ree)
6. Grace (feat. Rebecca Lou)
7. Cars & Guitars
8. Stay (feat. Rebecca Lou)
9. Back To Me (feat. Thomas Carlsen)
10. Picks & Cows