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AKOMA - Revangels

AKOMA, the leading symphonic metal act from Denmark for over a decade, have just finished up making their first full-length
album, Revangels.
AKOMA was formed in 2004 by vocalist Tanya Bell and guitarist Morten Bell, and have - with the release of Lost Forest and The Other Side in (EP, 2012) - proven that they belong among great acts such as Nightwish, Xandria and Within Temptation.
They have played numerous shows with bands like Leaves´┐Ż Eyes, End My Sorrow or Wintergarden, and also played at numerous festivals, Jelling Festival and Rock Island Festival being the latest ones, AKOMA is now ready to take on the world!
With the new album, AKOMA shows a new side of the band, while staying true to their old sound.
From atmospheric pieces to soprano vocals, epic battle horns and hard guitar riffs, Revangels has it all!
Revangels was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studios in Germany.

1. Enticing Desire
2. Revangels (Feat. Liv Kristine)
3. Change Of Propensity
4. Mesopotamia
5. Hands Of Greed
6. Vira
7. Humanity
8. Heartless Deceiver
9. Bittersweet Memories (Bonus Track)