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VALENTINE - ST Remastered

Digitally remastered edition. Includes booklet with 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork with previously unseen photos and new interview. Rock Candy is no stranger to bad timing and misfired opportunities. For most people the results are of no great consequence but occasionally, the repercussions - especially with years of hindsight to put the loss into perspective - are truly lamentable. The failure of Valentine''''''''''''''''s sole album is one such case in point. If any melodic rock band should have made a huge international splash then this should have been the one. Formed in New York during the mid-''''''''''''''''80''''''''''''''''s and fronted by the sensational vocalist Hugo Valenti, the band soon made friends amongst the NY music business cognoscenti, leading to major management opportunities (Michael Bolton''''''''''''''''s manager Louis Levin) and a coveted major label deal with Columbia Records. It was easy to see why they attracted such a passionate reaction, armed with music that was not only powerful and memorable but also displayed a songwriting ability that left the competition in the dust. Amazingly the band''''''''''''''''s fortunes took a nose dive when executive changes at the label left them high and dry, forcing them to switch to another company, Giant Records, helmed by industry heavyweight Irving Azoff. Produced by Neil Kernon (Autograph, Queensryche, Lynch Mob) the album was eventually released in late 1990, and it received a great reception from the melodic rock aficionados. Packed with incredible songs, ranging from gilt-lined AOR such as ''''''''''''''''Runnin'''''''''''''''' On Luck Again'''''''''''''''', ''''''''''''''''Too Much Is Never Enough'''''''''''''''', to the pomp blast of ''''''''''''''''Where Are You Now'''''''''''''''' and Once In A Lifetime''''''''''''''''. But the icing on the cake must surely be ''''''''''''''''Never Said It Was Gonna Be Easy'''''''''''''''', one of the greatest power ballads of all time.

1 Runnin'''''''''''''''' on Luck Again
2 No Way
3 Tears in the Night
4 Too Much Is Never Enough
5 Never Said It Was Gonna Be Easy
6 Where Are You Now
7 Naughty Girl
8 Once in a Lifetime
9 Someday
10 We Run
11 You''''''''''''''''ll Always Have Me