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AMBERIAN DAWN - Darkness Of Eternity

Amberian Dawn were never at a loss for Symphonic Metal that moves your deepest soul. With the ear-piercing dramaturgy of incredible songstress Capri, their eighth record Darkness of Eternity is studded with stupendous fanfares. Capri''''s magical essence shines always through her sacral voice, merging with the exotic shenanigans of juicy keyboard samples. Tuomas Seppälä is the mastermind of Amberian Dawn. Thanks to him, their magnum opus Darkness of Eternity is brilliant in it''''s epic keyboard symphonies, it''''s marching Melodic Death Metal-guitars and breezes of 80s Pop. Lyrically these Finns drift with captivating fantasy stories. Overwhelming and adventurous, more than music.


1 I''''m the One
2 Sky Is Falling
3 Dragonflies
4 Maybe
5 Golden Coins
6 Abyss
7 Ghostwoman
8 Breathe Again
9 Symphony NR. 1, Part 2 - Darkness of Eternity
10 Anyone (Bonus Track)