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SCORPIONS - Taken By Force

1965 marks the starting point of one of the most successful rock bands of our time. Hailing from Hannover, Germany, the SCORPIONS embarked on a journey that would lead them around the globe and would establish them as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

With the November 6 release of the 50th-anniversary deluxe editions, the SCORPIONS celebrate their impressive achievements and open their vaults to unleash hitherto unreleased songs, alternate versions of big hits, rough mixes and rare live concert footage.

In addition to dozens of previously unheard studio tracks and live recordings, all CD releases are contain extended booklets featuring rare photos and, single covers, backstage passes and additional liner notes by Edgar Klüsener, a former editor in chief of Metal Hammer who has followed the band''''''''''''''''s career closely over several decades. Five of the eight albums are accompanied bya DVD that contains live concert footage from the respective period, together with TV performances and in-depth interviews with the band. In these interviews, they talk about the background history and the creative process of each of these albums: "Lovedrive", "Blackout", "Love At first Sting", "World Wide Live" and "Savage Amusement

Taken by Force: 50th Band Anniversary by Scorpions

1 Steamrock Fever
2 We''''''''''''''''ll Burn the Sky
3 I''''''''''''''''ve Got to Be Free
4 The Riot of Your Time
5 The Sails of Charon
6 Your Light
7 He''''''''''''''''s a Woman - She''''''''''''''''s a Man
8 Born to Touch Your Feelings
9 Suspender Love (Bonus)
10 Busy Guys (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus)
11 Believe in Love (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus)
12 Midnight Blues Jam (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus)
13 Blue Dream (Unfinished Instrumental Ver.) (Bonus)
14 Born to Tuch Your Feelings (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus)