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RADIANT - ST - Digi -

The main idea that fueled the process of recording the album "Radiant" was to create honest, no-frill hard rock!

All band members were present during the songwriting as well as demo recordings in the bandís rehearsal room and added their own ideas during the whole process. Itís this close interaction that is one of the reasons, why RADIANTís unique sound turned out the way it is. They continued working on the songs in the studio until all 14 songs properly reflected the unique sound of RADIANT.

Fans of bands like Winery Dogs, Journey, 3 Doors Down, Whitesnake, Thunderhead and RADIANT, of course, will enjoy this album a lot.

One of RADIANTís trademarks is the powerful and varied voice of the exceptional vocalist Herbie Langhans, who already proved himself with contributions to well-known productions from Avantasia, Voodoo Circle, Sinbreed or Beyond The Bridge. Other trademarks include a virtuosic bass in the vein of Billy Sheehan, powerful drums, rich guitars and high-quality guitar solos.

1. Yes I Am
2. I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''m Alive
3. Silver Linings
4. You Rock
5. Dorian Gray
6. Forever One
7. Heroes
8. Liars
9. Not Worth After All
10. Paint The Grey
11. My Own Way
12. Should I Live With You
13. Life''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Shadows
14. Hit The Night