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APPICE, CARMINE - Rockers & V8

The name Carmine Appice is synonymous with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogart & Appice and Heavy Metal. Not only did he influence many of the great drummers, but his work helped to bridge the gap between psychedelia and heavy metal.

Carmine Appice''''s solo debut "Rockers" was recorded with mega-producer Richard Podolor and featured Danny Johnson on guitar, who adds a significant crunch to the songs on this album, which was originally released in 1981. ''''V8'''' was recorded in 1977 at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles. The album features Max Middleton (ex Jeff Beck Group), Verdins White (Earth Wind and Fire), Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge), Dick Wagner (ex Alice Cooper), Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets) plus Fernando Saunders and Benny Schultz. The studio session was influenced by Jeff Beck''''s "Blow By Blow", songs are half instrumental and half featuring vocals.

- Disc 1 -

1 Have You Heard
2 Keep on Rolling
3 Paint It Black
4 Blue Café
5 Sweet Senorita
6 Drum City Rocker
7 Hollywood Heartbeat
8 Be My Baby
9 Am I Losing You
10 Drums, Drums, Drums

- Disc 2 -

1 Woman
2 V8 Steamer
3 Like You Do
4 Drum Waltz
5 Energy
6 Ocean
7 Neptune
8 Rimshot
9 Song for Lovers
10 Me and the Boys
11 Close Encounters
12 Paint It Black
13 Lady