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The mighty return of Saint Deamon! An unexpected and astonishing comeback by one of Scandinavia''''''''s most acclaimed bands: "Ghost" is a versatile, epic melodic metal album which ranges from anthems to uptempo smashers and a few progressive notches! This kind of quality is rare and makes it an essential purchase for all fans of bands such as Masterplan, Thunderstone, HammerFall and Dionysus. The Deamon is back - all hail!

1 Captain Saint D
2 Call My Name
3 Return of the Deamons
4 Ghost
5 Limelight Dreams
6 Hell''''''''s Calling
7 Earth Is Alive
8 Land of Gold
9 Higher
10 Somewhere Far Beyond
11 The Exodus (Part II)
12 Journey Through the Stars
13 Break the Sky
14 Resurrection