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BLIND GUARDIAN - Legacy Of The Dark Lands

Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra - Legacy Of The Dark Lands - Promising to be one of the most ambitious projects in metal history, BLIND GUARDIAN''''s upcoming release will be well worth the wait. The idea of recording an orchestral album originally formed in the minds of the two leading lights of the BLIND GUARDIAN universe - guitarist André Olbrich and singer Hansi Kürsch - during the 1990s when BLIND GUARDIAN started to use orchestral elements to enhance their opulent sound. Today, they reveal the album''''s amazing cover artwork, which was created by the renowned artist Gyula Havancsák.

-Disc 1 -

1 1618 Ouverture
2 The Gathering
3 War Feeds War
4 Comets and Prophecies
5 Dark Cloud''''s Rising
6 The Ritual
7 In the Underworld
8 A Secret Society
9 The Great Ordeal
10 Bez
11 In the Red Dwarf''''s Tower
12 Into the Battle
13 Treason
14 Between the Realms
15 Point of No Return
16 The White Horseman
17 Nephilim
18 Trial and Coronation
19 Harvester of Souls
20 Conquest Is Over
21 This Storm
22 The Great Assault
23 Beyond the Wall
24 A New Beginning

- Disc 2 -

1 1618 Ouverture (Instrumental)
2 War Feeds War (Instrumental)
3 Dark Cloud''''s Rising (Instrumental)
4 In the Underworld (Instrumental)
5 The Great Ordeal (Instrumental)
6 In the Red Dwarf''''s Tower (Instrumental)
7 Treason (Instrumental)
8 Point of No Return (Instrumental)
9 Nephilim (Instrumental)
10 Harvester of Souls (Instrumental)
11 This Storm (Instrumental)
12 Beyond the Wall (Instrumental)
13 Treason (Instrumental)
14 Point of No Return (Instrumental)
15 Nephilim (Instrumental)
16 Harvester of Souls (Instrumental)
17 This Storm (Instrumental)
18 Beyond the Wall (Instrumental)