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2020 release from the Atlanta rockers. Asphalt Valentine is without a doubt a rock and roll band. Vocalist Joe Flynt states: "The whole band is excited to be releasing another record. It''''''''s been 5 years or so since we did the Into The Red E.P. and a lot has changed with the band. We almost called it a day a while back but then I got a call from another band from the area to fill in on vocals. While I was out on the road with them my creative energy started to flow again. When I got back from the road, I was so fired up and ready to get back at it I called the guys up and we started to finish writing and recording Twisted Road. It all came together pretty quickly once everyone was back in band mode. I feel like we''''''''ve put together something really special, and I''''''''m looking forward to hearing what the fans think about it. We''''''''re all so proud of this album. It''''''''s definitely a big jump from our previous efforts and the material is so much stronger now."

1 Twisted Road
2 The Only
3 I Don''''''''t Care
4 Saving
5 Something More
6 As the Crow Flies
7 Shamefully
8 Ooh la la
9 Dixie Rose
10 Rain