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VANDENBERG - 2020 Deluxe Box Set

Deluxe box set includes CD, four guitar picks, two coasters, sticker, and postcard. 2020 release. Vandenberg.
A name with an illustrious past. Led by master guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, the Dutch foursome released three quality albums during the early to mid-''''''''80s, namely, the self-titled 1982 debut, (spawning the US hit single ''''''''Burning Heart'''''''') ''''''''Heading For A Storm'''''''' (''''''''83) and ''''''''Alibi'''''''' (''''''''85). Adrian was a member of Whitesnake for 13 years at the height of their fame, contributing the solo on their #1 hit ''''''''Here I Go Again'''''''', he spent many years dueling with Steve Vai on guitar and has returned for many reunions. He was part of supergroup Manic Eden and more recently, he has shown his cultured ability is firmly intact with Vandenberg''''''''s Moonkings. The guitarist pulled a master stroke by bringing in Chilean born Ronnie Romero on vocals; who''''''''s forged a formidable reputation over the past few years with Ritchie Blackmore''''''''s Rainbow. In the words of Adrian Vandenberg: "Fasten your seat belts, just when you thought all was safe, Vandenberg are back!"