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RIOT - Archives Volume 5: 1992-2005 w- Dvd

The fifth and final part of Riot’s “Archives” series spans the years 1993 to 2002 and includes rare recordings from the album sessions of “Nightbreaker”, “Brethren Of The Long House”, “Inishmore”, “Sons OfSociety” and “Through The Storm”.
A highlight of the compilation is the completely unreleased track “Sylvia”. Recorded during the “Nightbreaker” session, the song finally made it onto the album. In the period between 1993 and 2002 Riot released a total of five studio albums. GilesLavery, product coordinator of the Archives series, comments: “Riot were the last refuge for all fans of traditional heavy metal in the nineties. Artists such as Alice Cooper, Whitesnake and Magnum temporarily disbanded in the 1990s or simply sat this decade out, only to attack again in the early 2000s.

01 Black Mountain Woman (1992 Rough Mix – Alternate Intro)
02 Sylvia (1992 Demo – Alternate Vocal)
03 Magic Maker (1992 Rough Mix)
04 Night Breaker (1992 Demo)
05 Silent Screams (1992 Demo)
06Sai lor (1992 Rough Mix)
07 d Lovin’ (alternate Version)
08 Brethren Of The Long House (1994 Rough Mix)
09 Rain (1994 Demo)
10 Kno ckin’ At My Door (2005 Demo)
11 Darker Side Of Light (2005 Demo)
12 Killer (1989 Joe Lynn Turner – Version 2)
13 Warrior (live 1982)
14 Rock City (live 1980)

01 Sylvia (alternate Version Demo)
02 Intro “romeo”
03 Instrumental Themes
04 Instrumental (unreleased Song 1992)
05 Instrumental (unreleased Song 1994)
01 Bonus Dvd: Live In Japan 1996