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ROCKSTAR FRAME - Stand Up...Jump N Fly

Founded in 2012 by Max Klein after waking up from a coma due to a fall from a cliff, Rockstar Frame has reached the current line-up in 2019. Reviewed and featured on the likes of Revolver, Stencil Magazine, Black Velvet and Fireworks, Rockstar Frame embarked on a Eastern Europe mini tour, followed by several gigs in Italy and 5 shows in Russia that culminated in opening for Backyard Babies at Volta Club Moscow. Rockstar Frame signed with Volcano Records/Musicarchy in 2020 for the release of their new album "Stand Up…Jump ‘N’ Fly".

1.Is Not The End
2.Get On My Knees
3.Hey Man!
4.Ready To Go
5.Hypnotized Fools
6.Beyond The Fear
7.Golden Dreams
8.Break Me Down
9.One In A Million
10.Halloween Night
11.Like A Monster
12.Sunshine In The Dark