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THERION - Leviathan

2021 release. Formed in 1988 Sweden''''s Therion helped lay the foundation of modern death metal on their debut "Of Darkness...". Since then the band has released numerous records and evolved into a complex multi-instrument & multi-member ensemble featuring choirs, symphonies and a core band that crafts all of this into profound and progressive hard rock and metal masterpieces.

1 The Leaf on the Oak of Far
2 Tuonela
3 Leviathan
4 Die Wellen Der Zeit
5 Aži Dahaka
6 Eye of Algol
7 Nocturnal Light
8 Great Marquis of Hell
9 Psalm of Retribution
10 El Primer Sol
11 Ten Courts of Diyu
12 Eye of Algol (Alternative Vocals Version)
13 Tuonela (Full Marco Vocals Version)
14 Tuonela (Alternative Vocals Version)
15 Tuonela (Instrumental Version)
16 Tuonela (Orchestral Version)