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Bonfire as acoustic best of is a homage to their own creative history and knows how to inspire the fans even in times without concerts. The album "Roots", which takes the listener on an original journey, will be released on 26.02.2020. "Roots" is the title of the upcoming acoustic best-of album of Bonfire''''s Hard''''n''''Heavy legends. 2 CDs with 24 songs, full of classics, reinterpreted in Bonfire''''s usual manner. Since there are still no live shows to the current album, Bonfire decided to take it to heart: In summer 2020 they went to the "Flatliners Recording Studios" again to work on the album "Roots" in order to help the fans through hard times with new material. Parallel to the record, the band started a crowdfunding campaign with great goodies, such as living room concerts or VIP tickets. They have been in business for 30 years and are far from getting tired!

1 Starin'''' Eyes
2 American Nights
3 Let Me Be Your Water
4 Price of Lovin´ You
5 Comin´ Home
6 Ready 4 Reaction
7 Give It a Try
8 Sleeping All Alone
9 Who´S Foolin´ Who
10 Why Is It Never Enough
11 Fantasy
12 When An Old Man Cries
13 Love Don´T Lie
14 Lonely Nights
15 Under Blue Skies
16 You Make Me Feel
17 No More
18 The Devil Made Me Do It
19 Without You
20 Your Love Is Heaven to Me
21 Piece of My Heart
22 Youngbloods
23 Our Hearts Don´T Feel the Same
24 Wolfmen