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Marenna-Meister is the new project of singer Rod Marenna (Marenna) and guitarist Alex Meister (ex-Pleasure Maker / Alex Meister Solo). The band presents their debut album, "Out Of Reach, which will be released on September 28th by the Danish label Lions Pride Music and features 10 extremely powerful tracks with the energy of the 80''''''''''''''''s Hard Rock and Glam Metal.

01) Out Of Touch,
02) The Price Of Love,
03) Gimme All You''''''''''''''''ve Got,
04) I Don''''''''''''''''t Wanna Lose You,
05) (There''''''''''''''''s So) Many Things,
06) Sleeping With The Enemy,
07) It Ain''''''''''''''''t So Easy (Loving You),
08) Ride, Ride, Ride,
09) Dangerous Minds,
10) Feel The Hunger,
11) Follow Me Up (CD Bonus Track)