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IMPERIA - The Last Horizon 2-Cd Set

The new album turned out to be the most epic Imperia album ever, and therefore it was chosen to be released as a double CD. The album features lot of different styles: From goth rock to metal songs, but also beautiful ballads and more folkish songs. There even is a Viking-themed song, "To Valhalla I Ride", which brings you back to the ancient times. "The Last Horizon" also features Imperia''''s new drummer Merijn Mol, who is hailing from the Netherlands.

- Disc 1 -

1 Dream Away
2 Starlight
3 To Valhalla I Ride
4 Flower and the Sea
5 Blindfolded
6 While I Am Still Here

- Disc 2 -

1 Only a Dream
2 Where Are You Now
3 I Still Remember
4 Dancing
5 My Other Half
6 One Day
7 I Send You My Love
8 Let Down