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talian melodic metal band Stranger Vision, which recently signed with German label Pride & Joy Music, unveils the first details of its upcoming debut album “Poetica” to be be released on March 26, 2021! “Poetica” is a long musical journey showing SV’s talent for creating memorable riffs, epic vocal melodies, compelling rhythms, moderate orchestrations, while working out a quite unique conceptual approach for the genre. The interest of SV in human sciences – with special regard to literature, poetry and philosophy - is deepened in thoughtful lyrics, yet open to free interpretation. “Poetica” is not a concept album, but the universal value of the topics will thrill the listener at least as much as the band’s music. “Poetica” features some prestigious international special guests, such as Zachary Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle, Archon Angel), Alessandro Conti (Trick Or Treat, Luca Turilli''''''''s Rhapsody, Twilight Force), Alessia Scolletti (Temperance), Fabio Dessi (Hollow Haze, Arthemis) and Guido Benedetti (Trick Or Treat). Drums, bass and guitars were recorded by Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studio, while the vocals were captured at White Studio in Modena by Ivan Adami, SV’s frontman. The mixing and mastering duties were handled by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at the renowned Domination Studio in San Marino. The artwork was created by Alessandro Conti: “We are very proud to have Alessandro Conti''''''''s sign on our cover. First of all he''''''''s a friend of ours; secondly he''''''''s an artist and a singer who we appreciate. He seems to have a magic talent for everything he does. He also has the same musical background as us and understood perfectly what we wanted to portray in our cover. We are very satisfied with his work”, comments the band. “Even if I don’t make so many covers because I’m very busy as musician and tattoo artist, when I was asked by Ivan to take care of graphic concept of Stranger Vision debut album, I said yes. And taking part of the record as guest singer, we have come full circle”, adds Alessandro Conti.

Track listing

1. Awakening Prelude
2. Gates Of Tomorrow
3. Human Change
4. Soul Redemption
5. Never Give Up
6. Memories Of You
7. The Dying Light
8. Rage
9. Over and Over
10. Before The Law
11. Wish
12. Defying Gravity
13. Hero Of the New World
14. Invictus
15. Soul Redemption (Deep Version)