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NIGHTWORK - ST - Remastered W Bonus -

Born from the ashes of Pomp Rock band Winterkat, Nightwork was put together during 1985 in San Antonio, TX, by Ric Swanson, Chris Watkins and Tim Saunders, alongside Jeff Doyle and Jamie Vallejo. This great AOR-outfit recorded and self-released (on their own label called Nightsongs) the 7 track debut-album in 1986 (only on vinyl). NIGHTWORK sound is classic mid 80s AOR and comes across like a mix of Sugarcreek, Preview, Aviator and Bystander. In fact, Ric Swanson''''''''''''''''s vocal stylings do come across as similar to those of Jon Fiore (Preview). First time ever on CD as part of the "Lost U.S. Jewels" series, digitally remastered, liner notes, incl. 5 bonus tracks and strictly limited to 500 copies.