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220 VOLT - Eye To Eye

220 Volt released their masterpiece with "Eye To Eye" in 1988. Producer Max Norman does such artistic justice to this Swedish powerhouse. The songs on this fourth album are incredibly good on the whole record. Jocke Lundholm is phenomenal with his unique voice; powerful and dynamic with an impressive range that leads the band from one great song to the other. His delivery on the all-time classic ballad "Love Is All You Need" is simply sublime. From the album opener "The Harder They Come" to the final "On The Other Sides" it''''''''s a Swedish rock party were the guitar solos from the superb playing Mats Karlsson and Peter Olander gives the songs their well-deserved finishing touch. It just does not get better than this!

1 The Harder They Come
2 I''''''''m on Fire
3 Beat of a Heart
4 Eye to Eye
5 Love Is All You Need
6 Live It Up
7 Dog Eat Dog
8 Dangerous
9 Still in Love
10 Money Talks
11 On the Other Sides