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STRAIGHT SIX - Full Circle - Joey Shapiro XYZ - Free Ep included

New cd and factory sealed.
For a short time the bands first ep is included for FREE with the purchase of the full length cd.

1. Aimed At Me
2. Middle Of The Ride
3. Back Home
4. Cry All Night
5. Divided We Stand
6. Joneser''''''''''''''''s Lane
7. What Would I Give
8. Old Back Road
9. 21 Guns
10. Black & Blue

Here is the track listing for the bands earlier e.p.
These tracks are all on the full length, but they are different recordings than the full length cd.

1. Black & Blue
2. Aimed At Me
3. Middle Of The Ride
4. What Would I Give
5. Old Back Road
6. 21 Gins