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PLATENS - Of Poetry And Silent Mastery

The project is the brainchild of talented vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dario Grillo, who decided to continue the legacy started with the first two albums "Between Two Horizons" (2004) and "Out Of The World" (2014), both enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike. "Of Poetry And Silent Mastery" is a masterful blending of melodic rock sound, AOR oriented melodies and clever heavy influences, all wisely mixed together by Dario''''''''''''''''s bombastic production work.

01. Conspiracy
02. Wait For Me
03. Easily
04. The Path
05. End Of The World
06. Paralyzed
07. Winter
08. Open Arms
09. Give Or Let Go
10. Where The River Flows
11. Close But Far
12. Fragile (Bonus Track)