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VANDENBERG - The Complete Atco Recordings 82-2004

4 CDs of classic hard rock for fans of Whitesnake, Scorpions and Foreigner featuring the bands three early ''''''''80s albums for Atlantic and a host of rarities and live tracks. Featuring Dutch guitarist and songwriter Adrian Vandenberg from whom the band took their name after forming as Teaser in 1981. With lead vocalist Bert Heerink, bassist Dick Kemper, and drummer Jos Zoomer, the band struck a worldwide deal with Atlantic via their imprint ATCORecorded at Jimmy Page''''''''s Sol Studios in the UK, their eponymous debut album featured the power ballad ''''''''Burning Heart'''''''', which made an impressive dent on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1983. The band became a big concert draw, with major tours supporting Ozzy Osbourne and KISS before releasing 1983''''''''s Heading For A Storm which featured the singles ''''''''Friday Night'''''''', ''''''''Waiting For The Night'''''''' and ''''''''Different Worlds''''''''. ''''''''Alibi'''''''' followed in ''''''''85 before Adrian Vandenberg joined Whitesnake for the remainder of the 1980s. The fourth CD in this extensive set collects together officially released rarities, including demos plus both mono and stereo edits for the ''''''''Burning Heart'''''''' single, and ''''''''Once In A Lifetime'''''''' (Special Mix). The set concludes with the live tracks ''''''''Ready For You'''''''', ''''''''Lost In A City'''''''', ''''''''Friday Night'''''''' and ''''''''Welcome To The Club'''''''' (both recorded in Japan), ''''''''Roll Through The Night'''''''' (Live in the USA) and ''''''''Too Late'''''''' along with a 2004 Unplugged version of ''''''''Burning Heart''''''''. Vandenberg reformed in 2004 for the release of a new version of ''''''''Burning Heart'''''''', and a brand new version of the band formed in 2020, releasing an album featuring a line-up including Rainbow vocalist Ronnie Romero, Rudy Sarzo on bass and Brian Tichy on drums.

- Disc 1 -

1 Your Love Is in Vain
2 Back on My Feet
3 Wait
4 Burning Heart
5 Ready for You
6 Too Late
7 Nothing to Lose
8 Lost in a City
9 Out in the Streets

- Disc 2 -

1 Friday Night
2 Welcome to the Club
3 Time Will Tell
4 Different Worlds
5 This Is War
6 I''''''''m on Fire
7 Heading for a Storm
8 Rock on
9 Waiting for the Night

- Disc 3 -

1 All the Way
2 Pedal to the Metal
3 Once in a Lifetime
4 Voodoo
5 Dressed to Kill
6 Fighting Against the World
7 How Long
8 Prelude Mortale
9 Alibi
10 Kamikaze

- Disc 4 -

1 Back on My Feet (Demo)
2 Ready for You (Demo)
3 Nothing to Lose (Demo)
4 I''''''''m on Fire (Demo)
5 Out in the Streets (Demo)
6 Out of Cash (Demo)
7 Help Me Thru the Night (Demo)
8 Burning Heart (Stereo Edit)
9 Once in a Lifetime (Special Mix)
10 Burning Heart (Mono Edit)
11 Ready for You (Live)
12 Lost in a City (Live)
13 Friday Night (Live in Japan)
14 Welcome to the Club (Live in Japan)
15 Roll Through the Night (Live in the USA)
16 Too Late (Live)
17 Burning Heart (2004 Unplugged)